Like most valuable products, EZ-Pro was produced over time and by people who had direct knowledge of what was needed and how it should perform. The EZ-Pro system (formerly known as TIMAS) was developed in 1989 by several East Tennessee professionals working in the habilitation field who realized that a comprehensive and customizable system to properly document and safeguard services for people with developmental disabilities was greatly needed. As a result, the E-Com Systems business was developed. This software system was among the first in the United States to address the need for e-documentation strategies for community providers who serve people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. The system was systematically created over a number of years with new components added with each new insight in terms of the needs of community providers.

The electronic health record (EHR) was added in 1991 to include medication tracking and a wide range of health related information. This component was created when no data management systems for this industry was even considering integrated medication administration records much less interoperability with pharmacy systems.

In the early 1990s, a Human Resources module was also added that tracked employee training needs and benefits. By 1994, extensive trend analyses had been added to assist in meeting standards for national accreditation.

By 1998, the concept of ‘Power Integration Design’ had become an important core feature in the basic module design of the software and as a result the system is easily integrated with any and all systems an organization may continue to find useful.

Today, EZ-Pro has a fully integrated time- keeping system along with intra-agency emailing, automated messaging, and cellphone text alerts. It is intuitive and easily implemented, so staff members have no trepidation to dive into the system and use all of its features. The system was engineered with the focus being on the simplicity of use so that all Direct Support Professionals would take full advantage of the tools and the managers could derive all of the needed information for proper oversight and billing. As was the case when this system was created in the late 80’s, EZ-Pro is uniquely customizable and remains just as fluid as the system of services that it tracks.

EZ-Pro implementation takes place with a cadre of trainers who know the system and understand its use within the realm of service provision.