Here are a few Screenshots of EZ-Pro’s system. Hover over each screenshot for a short description

People Served Screen

All information for the person served will be entered under the “People Served” tab which has other subcategories.


The “Enter Contacts” button is for entering daily service billable contacts, communication contacts with families and persons served. The picture below shows a comprehensive contact that was entered for a supervisor’s meeting.


The information entered here is what the person served actually completed each day according to their program plan objectives. Support staff will enter this information daily or according to the objective frequency. The two screens below shows what the screen looks like once you enter the button. As is the case with most screens, there are many sub-pages which follow.

Health Care Appointments

This is the screen where you will enter information prior to and following medical appointments.

Individual Information File

The “Person-Served Information File” button is where information is entered about the person, which includes medical information, ICD-10 codes, and Specialists. Any document related to the person can be scanned, saved, viewed, retrieved and printed from the database. There are many sub-files associated with this screen.

Human Resources

The “Human Resources” tab is where all information for employees is entered and personnel files are scanned and saved to the database. HR reports can be pulled once the employees’ files have been entered into the database. You can also edit time log records and pull time keeping reports.

Daily Note

The “Community Living Note” is the information/notes you enter for the person served for all services. This can be easily configured based upon an organizations specific services, philosophy and practices.

Reports on Individuals Served

From this initial screen, you can generate many reports, including the following: Case Management, Communication Note, Objectives Reports, Comprehensive Summary,Contact Analysis, Contact Facility, Supervision Analysis, Demographic Reports, Healthcare Information ICF Listing Leave Alone/Unattended Periodic Review Reports People-Served Addresses Report Need person’s picture Person ID Badge People Served Analysis